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Cheap logo design - You get what you pay for





This popular saying is applicable to our situation and we’ll try to break it down for you in next couple of lines as well as explain also that paying too much doesn’t always mean that you’ll get the most quality work possible. We’ll use logo design as an example because it’s the first thing we should think of when creating website, blog, brand or product.


Let’s face the simple fact – Graphic Designer isn’t working for peanuts and will never be. His determination, engagement and passion can be quickly diminished by under-valued earnings. It does cost few years of studies to obtain a degree as well as years of practice to perform well in achieved knowledge. Of course you’ll find tons of offers with ‘5$ logo design’ but are we really talking ‘logo design’ ?


Just think how much one would have to do to actually survive in each month while creating work valued just $5. Average wage in USA is 7.25$/hour (data taken from 2009). This results in 1740$ per month. A ‘designer’ would have to create 348 logotypes in just one month. That’s nearly 12 professional logo designs a day, 1 every 2 hours.


Not only it’s impossible to achieve the 1740$ a month when not sharing profits with someone who can actually help (remember that we’re speaking average wage, nearly minimal one) but also I doubt that the produced work will not stand out in negative meaning when it comes to quality.


If a designer is creating a logo design for business, he needs to know his customer, understand his vision, goals, get to know the company, create initial sketches, pick up a font face, choose most appropriate color palettes, create mockup, have that mockup accepted by customer and a few more crucial steps that take days to complete. A single interview can take few days if customer doesn’t help too much in providing answers on some questions and hinting designer how he would see the final logotype.


Logo design and branding services should not be neglected by anyone treating a job seriously. The final effect may look simple but very often a lot of work and planning is being put to make it look that way. And the way your trademark look will affect multitudes of people in the future. That’s why those kind of services shouldn’t be undervalued or underestimated. 


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