Golden Rules about How not to design your logo

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As logo designers are paid to come up with creative logo design solutions and we then use design programs to execute the ideas, softwares don’t come up with ideas for us.


1) Using stock images:  Some  of the “designers” (usually those guys who enter in design contests)  steal images to create your logo. This is a strictly NO.  These stock images get downloaded by hundreds even thousands of people.  If you use stock images in your work, you will get a common design and this can devalue your business.  Ensure your logo is 100% original.

 2) Do it yourself logos:  There are business people who try to create own logo themselves. (they think  it's piece of cake)  I highly recommend against this and suggest you leave the design to a professional.

 3) Online logo maker softwares: The worst decision!  You will find many free online logo maker websites. Not only these logos look unprofessional, a lot of other people could have the same logo as you. These logos have no creativity or concept at all. These logos do nothing that a logo is supposed to do… Very important - stay away from these free logo maker websites.

 4) Design contests: The logo design contests  are where you give a brief and the designers start to work on your project.  This sounds like a very good deal, but the results usually are very far from this.  In most of the cases it's money wasting solution.  


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