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About DesignOwnLogo

Owned by Quebed Advertising Company, DesignOwnLogo is a design firm committed to giving you a unique symbol of identity. Devoted to creating logos that will completely match your corporate personality, we cater for the small upstart companies from North America, Europe, Asia, to other parts of the globe. Also, we offer the best Cheap Logo Design with the same exemplary designs that the High ended companies create. We assure you that our designs will enhance your market visibility and profits.


DesignOwnLogo.com  - To give birth to your logo

Our Mission

We are a firm that is dedicated to finding creative and compelling ways to build business communication at affordable prices. Therefore we will give you 100% original professional logos without using clipart or templates. Ours is an exceptional way of showing who you are in a long lasting and appealing image. At DesignOwnLogo we produce Custom Logo Design that in truth are inexpensive, pocket friendly, and satisfactory. With a variety of logos to look in to in our logo gallery, we will help you to get a design concept that best suits your needs. From a minimum of one logo concept to twelve concepts, we are determined to give you 100% satisfaction with bonuses where applicable.


To achieve this, we work with professionals who have your interests at heart. We put our energies and competencies in designing your logos to have a distinctive professional outlook. Our professionals are always available to give you that quality Custom Logo Design. Available 24hours a day, our professionals will assist you at any time. So you can relax and keep tabs as your work is molded to your desired logo. We will assist you to select a concept that works for you, and give it that unique twist to sell you appropriately and in the shortest time possible. Our designers will work with you step by step, to guarantee a successful completion.


Since you are our priority, we also make it our job to listen to you throughout the way. Your satisfaction is our joy, a surety of a job well done. First of all we will help you to choose a package that best suits you. We offer various packages, starter, bronze, silver, and gold that are accompanied with a range of prices to assist you in getting those quality Cheap Logo Design that are suitable for you. We also offer you a chance to revise your job whenever you feel like. All you need to do is select a workable package, give us what you require us to do, make the payment for the package chosen, and then visit our logo gallery for your best design. We provide you with three revisions to unlimited number of revisions depending on your package, and at your own convenience.


Once your desired logo is produced, our final job will be to ensure that you receive it. We will therefore deliver the logo to you at no extra charge. We will give you the full copyright ownership of the logo, and so transferring all rights and the identity to you.


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